Digital Design for Bosch


"How can we provide easy and convenient access to professional tools?"
This design question was the start of this exciting redesign project. Bosch Werkzeug-Verleih is a renting service for high quality power tools in Bern, Switzerland. They approached us to create a user-centric redesign in the new corporate style for their website.

Visualization for Bosch


The Bosch ConnectedWorld is one of the largest conferences and exhibitions for IoT, AI and Digital Transformation. In 2022, this event will take place for the first time on-site and online at the same time. Hildebranding translated this hybrid event character into a suitable event logo for Bosch.

Digital Design for Lemin


The young startup Lemin has developed a platform for companies that want to offer their employees pinpoint and personalized coaching moments. Hildebranding not only conducted an underlying UX analysis during the young startup phase, but also implemented a complete design study for mobile and desktop UI.

Visualization for Merics


Hildebranding has been designing infographics, data visualizations and layouts for the Mercator Institute for China Studies for years. All these projects have one common goal: to give the reader a deep understanding through clear design language and well-researched content – and to make them curious about further content on the topic by means of vivid and illustrative visualizations.

Innovation Coaching

Design Sprint Facilitation

How can companies understand the issues behind key challenges, find new solutions and test them directly with real users in just a short time? The answer is: Design Sprints! 

At Hildebranding, we love to guide this intensive creative process and enable teams to gain completely new insights for their product in just one working week.

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