Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 | Key Visual

BCW 2020 | Key Visual

The „Bosch ConnectedWorld“ has been the leading IoT conference in Europe for many years and together with the accompanying hackathon is an inspiration and enrichment every year. That’s why I was particularly pleased to create the key visual for the main keynotes of this event.

The topic (A)IoT has many fields of and use cases and some of the most important ones had to be integrated into an illustrated landscape. A suitable style was quickly found: by zooming into the corresponding topic per lecture, an isometric 3D visualization shows all the elements in an appealing and comprehensible way.

The „Bosch IoT Landscape“ thus not only illustrated the individual presentations, but also linked and related all the topics presented. The following pictures show how this looked on the „Big Stage“ and in detail.

MERICS | Research study layout


The layout of research reports is a challenging task: on the one hand, visual solutions must be found to present the data in the most appealing and individual way. On the other hand, it is very important that the report’s message is at the top of the list of priorities and that too complex or unusual graphics do not stand in the way of this. It is therefore important to find a consistent and understandable design language.

When designing the report „Chinese FDI in Europe“ I particularly liked the interplay of different activities: Creating a calm text layout, developing balanced graphics and assembling them into a consistent overall picture.

MERICS | Fan of power


How to present the current composition of the Politburo in an attractive and clear way? Which metaphor would be suitable to convey this abstract theme? The choice quickly fell on the typical Chinese fan, which in its layout offered exactly the right space to include all posts and affiliations.

Due to its clear language of form this graphic was not only used in publications of MERICS and online presentations: as a huge poster it is now part of the design of conference rooms and events.

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