BOSCH | Construction Ideation & Prototyping

Construction Ideation & Prototyping

In order to develop and directly test concrete solution concepts based on the findings of the research studies, I conducted several ideation workshops where the focus was always on the added value of the later users. Using creativity techniques and rapid prototyping, the innovative scenarios could be directly applied and evaluated.

For me, it was particularly exciting to see from which areas the new ideas came from. When working with interdisciplinary workshop groups, it is always a pleasure for me to inspire cooperation between the disciplines and thus to come across combinations of ideas that would not have come to each of them on their own.

By using inspirational interactive formats, I was able to ensure that not the most obvious ideas were implemented in the end, but that all participants thought out of the box. At the end of the day, everyone was surprised how their creative potential was released through targeted techniques.

BOSCH | Research Construction Sites

Research Construction Sites

To identify digital business fields and opportunities on construction sites, I conducted extensive research studies in Germany and the USA. The focus was never on the technology itself, but on the current situation and the different needs of all construction site stakeholders. 

In order to be able to get into the context of my interview partners in a playful way, I developed a board game myself, which allowed to get into the description of a typical daily routine right away. This technique was ideal for locating subliminal problems and opportunities.

My most exciting experience was to interview a tradesmen in the middle of a construction machine workshop and to see how creatively problems are solved hands-on on site – but also how chaotic the day of everyone involved can often be for various reasons. After conducting these studies, I can definitely say that it is worth investing in smart digital solutions for this industry to promote a collaborative culture for increased productivity.

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