Design Sprint Facilitation


I love to plan, structure and moderate workshops – especially Design Sprints! With this workshop format, an interdisciplinary team can frame their currently biggest challenge, develop many innovative solution ideas and implement the best of these in a quick prototype for testing the new concept with real users. And all this in just one working week!

This kind of collaboration thrives on creative momentum – and it’s the best reward when you see it spill over to the participants! Whether a full week or an adapted mini-version: with the right project intention I can make every Design Sprint a success.

Design Thinking Coaching


Enabling people to do things that inspire them is simply beautiful. I love bringing individual experts together to form a team dedicated to one goal and provide them with the necessary materials, methods and atmosphere to live innovation – be it colleagues, clients or sometimes members of the board.

The best form of cooperation is when something new is learned in the end. Especially when it comes to New Work and Design Thinking, most companies still have a lot to discover and to try out.
It is important to me that I not only share methods and frameworks, but also inspire culture change and encourage a creative work attitude sustainably.

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