We invite our clients into a tailor-made and collaborative design process to achieve meaningful results.


Implement compelling and user-friendly digital experiences


Act agile and create the innovative solutions of tomorrow


Enable an enterprise-wide agile mindset to thrive in the digital age


Tell fascinating and understandable stories that will be remembered


Research, UX/CX Concept, UI Design

An increasingly complex world needs innovative and adaptable solutions. That’s why at Hildebranding we don’t start our design process directly with the solution, but with a deep understanding of the problem. Through a holistic view of the interrelationships and an empathetic approach to the context of use, we collaborate with our clients to create products and services for a successful digital age.

CX Research & Strategy

In order to find out the actual underlying problems and contexts of a project, this initial phase of every design project is worthwhile: user research. We can create adequate questionnaires and survey methods for every research question - independent of the industry or the main target group. Our aim is to make the context of the planned product or service development tangible and clear.

CX Concept & Design

With a leading design challenge we explore new possibilities: Our effective creative and design thinking methods not only inspire ideas within a very short time, but also ensure that, above all, we can develop a sound design concept based on discovered customer needs.

Co-Creation Workshops

To ensure that products and services are always developed with the user or customer in mind, we help you to clearly visualize all relevant roles and relationships inside the context. Often, further connections or open points become visible in this process, through which further project benefits and new innovation opportunities open up. 

To understand your customers’ current world and activities, we take you into their customer journeys: Processes, points of contact, but also unfulfilled needs become very clear through this collaborative exercise. Define the right starting point for new product and service developments with this structured approach!

Prototyping & User Testing

No design concept can guarantee immediate success until it has been tested. With the help of qualitative user tests and a high-fidelity prototype, we manage to test the developed solution concept with real users with only little effort. In the process, suggestions for improvement as well as fundamental user feedback are collected, which can be of great advantage for your further strategic product development.

Asset Design & Scrum Support

After learning about the real needs of users and developing a convincing design, it's time for the actual implementation: We have already gained a lot of experience in working with product management and development teams and know how well-established processes and smart tools only save on implementation time - and not on quality!

Brands that love this service


“Hildebranding is an exception in the wide field of user research. I am fascinated again and again how effortlessly they succeed in working out the experiences and “pain points” of people from the most diverse professional fields. With this ability of empathic listening, combined with their strength in the conception and implementation of “tailor-made” workshops, we were able to find innovative and surprising solutions!”

Thomas Spiegel

Vice President Corporate Department Real Estate and Facilities Realization of Construction at Bosch


Design Thinking, New Work, Workshops

At Hildebranding we are deeply convinced that a digital age also requires new tools and processes in teamwork. To ensure fresh ideas and smooth processes in your team, we have these services for you:

Innovation Coaching

Innovation is not a method - it is a way of thinking. This can be flexibly transferred to different areas of work: be it working in an existing team of large organisations or in a start-up in development. We teach the techniques practically and accompany the learning process very personally to promote success and good cooperation.

Design Thinking Training

Design Thinking is often reduced to the design of user interfaces – but it's really about human problem-solving. With our training package, participants from all backgrounds learn through many practical exercises what a difference it makes to approach challenges in this structured-empathic way – and what new solution possibilities and business potentials can reveal themselves!

New Work Mentoring

Digitalization in companies is not just about smart tools and making workplaces more flexible: A genuine and long-term successful transformation also addresses the culture and the fundamental form of collaboration. Because we understand that digitized work must also mean a different attitude toward meaningful work, we have developed methods for uncovering the respective potential for companies of all sizes and giving them new opportunities. This mentoring is hands-on and personal, but always keeps an eye on the big picture.

(Remote) Workshop Facilitation

Most workshops fail because the exact intention is not known - or no really suitable methods are found to achieve the desired goal. Far too often, too many people are invited without getting an active part - and often the character remains rather a big frontal meeting than really achieving common progress.

At Hildebranding, we put the purpose of a planned workshop first, and through mindful preparation and individually selected methods, we create an enriching overall experience. Our goal is for real change to take place and for all participants to leave the workshop with more energy than they started it with!

Design Sprint Facilitation

In a Design Sprint, an interdisciplinary team implements innovative solutions to a real business problem in just a few days, makes this solution tangible and tests it directly with real users. Thus, a Design Sprint is user-centered problem solving at speed and inspires not only clients with quick results, but also the participants, who can outgrow themselves and learn new things in this workshop format. We have collected our own best practices in many different (remote and onsite) contexts and can therefore offer our clients the individual Design Sprint they really need to move forward.

Brands that love this service

Hildebranding has become an important partner for the agile transformation of our team. Through their varied training formats and confident group coaching, we have not only progressed faster as a team than before, but have also gotten to know each other better internally in our roles and our shared mission. Hildebranding’s coaching hits exactly the leverage point needed to successfully position ourselves for the digital age – and it helps us a lot to align our business approach even more customer-centric.

Dr. Sandra Walter

Lead Chapter CRM & Customer Experience | EnBW Sales, Marketing & Operations


Agile Coaching, (Agile) Project Management, Organizational Transformation

In our fast-moving time, “business agility” is a key factor for success. “Business agility” describes the ability to be competitive in the digital age by reacting quickly to market changes with innovative business solutions. Hildebranding supports the step towards an agile organization, from the first idea to the practical implementation.

Agile Coaching

In the context of "Agile Coaching", an organization is enabled to be agile in both thought and action. Core elements to mature into an agile organization include high-performing, cross-functional agile teams, agile product delivery, lean portfolio management, agile leadership and a continuous culture of learning.


In an agile organization, the customer represents the center of the product strategy. Business processes are to be kept as lean as possible in order to achieve a high increase in efficiency. Holistic and company-wide thinking is required; silo solutions are to be avoided.


An agile mindset has various advantages; among other things, personal responsibility is strengthened and innovative and creative ways of thinking are promoted. Prerequisite is an agile mindset within both the workforce and the management.


Hildebranding supports the creation of an environment in which an agile mindset is actively promoted and can flourish.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management is more than just a method. It is a mindset that is lived. It describes the ability to be competitive in the digital age by an organization reacting quickly to market changes and new opportunities with innovative business solutions.


A customer-centric approach is at the forefront. The focus is placed on quickly deliverable, working solutions with the knowledge that they do not yet contain the full functionality of the final solution. With the help of continuous customer feedback, it is possible to steadily improve the product iteratively-incrementally so that the end result is a solution that is tailored to the customer's needs.


Hildebranding provides support in setting up, introducing and implementing agile project management methods such as "Scrum" or "SAFe". The first prototypes (MVP) are built after only a short period of collaboration in order to achieve initial, rapid successes and to determine a significant increase in efficiency after a short time.

Project Management (Waterfall)

In classic project management, also known as "waterfall", the project is planned holistically in four steps:

  1. Recording of requirements
  2. Development of a (system) design
  3. Implementation
  4. Verification

At the end of a point in time defined at the beginning, the product or system to be delivered is completed. We follow internationally recognized project management methods such as PMI, PRINCE2 and V-Model XT and provide support in setting up and implementing these methods. We put special emphasis on keeping the project within the planned scope (scope management), within the planned budget (cost management) and within the planned time (time management).

Requirements Engineering

Requirements are at the heart of every product. Only if the requirements are described as completely, unambiguously and comprehensibly as possible for everyone can it be ensured that the desired product will be created. These requirements can be recorded in "user stories", among other things. Ideally, these should be written according to specific patterns (Who? What? Why?) and be backed up with acceptance criteria that make the requirements measurable and verifiable.

Change Management

Changes of any kind can trigger unease and anxiety in the workforce. The art is to find out the underlying reasons for this, address them and, in the best case, eliminate them so that nothing stands in the way of change.


Various scientific approaches are suitable for successful change, such as

  • the 8-phase model according to Kotter (Penguin Principle)
  • the 5-phase model according to Krüger
  • the 3-phase model of change according to Lewin

Regardless of the chosen methodology, the core elements are similar: The change starts with a signal of departure, e.g. a new strategic direction. The actual change takes place, such as the introduction of agile project management. The new state has to be lived and continuously developed.


Hildebranding develops together an individual plan how a long-term successful and sustainable change can be accomplished within an organization.

Certificates of skills that we apply in our work

SAFe – Scale Agile Framework (SAFe 5) | Scaled Agile, Inc.

Professional SCRUM Master (PSM) | Scrum.org

Professional SCRUM Product Owner  (PSP) | Scrum.org

PRINCE 2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) | AXELOS

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) | AXELOS

CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) | IREB

Certified V-Modell® XT Pro | iSQI

Brands that love this service

Together with Hildebranding we started the transformation process towards an agile organization. Hildebranding supports us in this change process as well as in developing an agile mindset. We have created appropriate structures to be able to react more efficiently to market changes as well as to our customer needs. To this end, the agile framework SCRUM was successfully introduced. This new way of working is being rolled out successively in various areas of the company. In this way, upcoming tasks are presented transparently, priorities are set and responsibilities are defined.

We would like to thank Hildebranding for supporting us in consolidating and further expanding our vision to be "an innovative energy service provider that focuses on customer and employee needs".

Daniel Beutel

Commercial Managing Director of Stadtwerke Schorndorf

By working with Hildebranding, we can support our customers in the digital transformation in the best possible way and effectively drive the digital transformation within an organization. We particularly appreciate the structured and empathetic approach as well as the user-specific language when explaining new topics.

Complex issues are presented in a simple manner and what is learned is promptly put into practice, so that initial successes are quickly visible. We are looking forward to further cooperation with many joint successes.

Andreas Höfler​

CEO of Fichtner IT Consulting GmbH​


Infographics, Illustration, Branding

Successful visualization can not only convey complex issues, but also awake interest and shape opinions. At Hildebranding, we choose the right medium for each application context to perfectly stage your message, making you the winner of your own story.

Infographics & Illustration

Create understanding and make curious: with these goals in mind, we approach every conception and design of graphics to make them comprehensible and fun. We not only look for the most aesthetic way to incorporate the client's corporate design - we also apply our user-centered thinking and ask ourselves what prior knowledge the recipients of the graphics have in order to create an outstanding user experience as well.

Storytelling for Presentation Design

Less is more: far too often we see the attempt to present as much data and text as possible. The result: people feel overwhelmed and lost in information...

What helps is an understanding of dramaturgy and the principles of successful storytelling. We focus on your main message, make it tangible and visualize your very own success story. This way, your content not only becomes comprehensible - it also becomes your own hero story!

Branding & Logo Design

Your corporate branding is not only colours and fonts, but rather the whole appearance to the customer. It is important that this first impression conveys confidence and your values. We always start by looking at the context of your business and your goals, whether you need a logo design or a whole new corporate design. In this way, we can work closely with you and take into account all the requirements to achieve the exact external effect that you want to embody – and which your customers will love!

2D Animation

Content is more fascinating once it is in motion. This can be animated logos, a visual in motion or an information short film. We accompany the process from the very beginning by deriving the necessary dramaturgy from the goal of your project in order to captivate the viewer in a convincing style and in a very entertaining way. Enhance your story with 2d animation!

Icons & Visual Asset Design

Sometimes it's also the little things: If you have already found a graphic concept for yourself, but it still lacks that certain something, we can support you with helpful icons and stylish graphic elements. Whether in your presentations, on your website or in your own software: we quickly think our way into your context, derive the appropriate graphic language and quickly implement all relevant graphic formats. Fast, uncomplicated and with impact!

Brands that love this service

“The Hildebranding team has a quick grasp of complex issues and a keen sense of how they can be presented in an understandable and attractive way. As you look at their work, you are always curious to delve deeper into the respective topic. Working with Hildebranding is always an inspiring experience.

Dr. Raimar Heber

Book author and Art Director at dpa-infografik


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