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How can companies understand the issues behind key challenges, find new solutions and test them directly with real users in just a short time? The answer is: Design Sprints!

At Hildebranding, we love to guide this intensive creative process in teams, enabling them to build a completely new knowledge for their product in only one working week. These findings form the perfect basis for the next innovation.


A Design Sprint is a workshop with successive phases, which can be conducted on-site or online with a team of 5-10 people.

The origins of the method can be traced back to Google Ventures – since then there have been many variations and further developments of this successful format. Here we show some methodological highlights:

Understand challenge and draw a map

The Design Sprint is about understanding tricky problems as an interdisciplinary team in just a few hours and then developing and testing an innovative solution concept. In order to start here as a united team, a common understanding of the challenge and the surrounding processes is needed. At Hildebranding, we specialize in bringing even very complex contexts to the point and providing an overview with the help of a process map.

Get impulses and create new ideas

No innovation without inspiration! At Hildebranding, we always share a selection of inspiring impressions from technology, business or other fields to broaden the horizons of the group and ensure more colourful solutions overall before the team starts to concretise new ideas for solutions.

Merge best group ideas into a concept

One of the magic moments of a design sprint is bringing together and connecting multiple ideas from different perspectives. Once an interdisciplinary team is formed for the sprint and they are given the freedom to work creatively on new solutions, you get different concepts with individually valuable focal points. So, with the help of efficient decision-making methods, it's not the loudest idea in the room that wins, but a concept mosaic of different sparks that have emerged from the entire group.

Test the concept prototype with real users

However, a Design Sprint only develops its full power when the solution concept is finally tested with real users – this is the only way to demonstrably show what can work about the idea and where there are still weak points. According to the motto "fail early, learn fast", major and ultimately very expensive blunders can be avoided and the next iteration of product development can be successfully tackled with the lessons learned.

Creative, customer-oriented and to the point – in their workshops the Hildebranding team succeeds in challenging in a pleasant way and in encouraging groups to find solutions together.

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